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N00b Gamer Complaints

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post N00b Gamer Complaints

Post by krzyasian on Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:36 am

I'm sure many of us have a hate for new players (nubs, n00b, noob). What's the worst thing about them??? :twisted:

WELL, I'm in the middle Sad I never master any game and I don't know why, lol. But I do dislike younger kids and new players.

One new peoples' skills lack, and it's very frustrating to play with someone who doesnt know the strategies and can't be quick enough. Left 4 Dead, when people shoot a teammate ALL THE TIME. I really hate that. It's more effective to punch zombies off anyways. I personally know my aim is bad, so I punch more than I shoot. I especially hate it when people shoot zombies that are attacking me because they're shooting in my direction and a lot of times end up shooting me. In Starcraft, it's annoying when you're all set to attack with all the advanced buildings and whatnot, and someone else is still making the basics.

Little kids, (sorry to youngin's) REALLY bug me. I can't play with little kids after teaching at a learning center because it's too much exposure to young people lol. Little kids, not only are they sometimes really bad at a game, but they scream "SAVE ME SOMEBODY OMG NOBODY'S HELPING ME AHHH" and it doesn't help that their voice is so high that it hurts my ears when I have the headphones on and they're screaming like that.

There are so many downsides to multiplayer games, but at the same time it's also the best aspect of games when you play with other people.


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post Re: N00b Gamer Complaints

Post by iliketobite on Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:13 pm

I tend to stay away from online gaming / multiplayer gaming unless it's with friends because I get SUPER nervous and pretty much an anxiety attack cause I get paranoid that they're advancing way more than me, or that they're going to attack me and think I'm a n00b, which in most cases I am anyway lol.

I used to play Delta Force online, and it was really fun... I got to a point where I was pretty decent, and I hated when n00bs would follow me around -__- It was a shooting game, so if I went to find a sniping spot, the noob would give it away >:[

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post Re: N00b Gamer Complaints

Post by waveshell on Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:26 am

I get SUPER nervous and pretty much an anxiety attack
LOL Lise.

Yea n00bs are annoying, but everyone went through that stage so I don't dislike them or anything, I just avoid them lol.


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post Re: N00b Gamer Complaints

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