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Happy New Years 2010!!!

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post Happy New Years 2010!!!

Post by krzyasian on Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:35 am

What did you do for New Years and what are some of your new year resolutions?

I hope to be a better person, including doing well in school and in my relationship!

I didn't do anything special for New Years. I got called in to work, and I owe my coworker for walking me home when he planned on getting a ride *feels terrible*. But it's okay! And then I watched the ABC channel with my younger cousin, and that's it! Working again today, and I don't know if there'll be something tonight to do.

I will post up some pictures of my younger cousin with her new years hat and some other stuff Very Happy haha.


Don't forget to do shout outs!!! (this note includes me D:)


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post Re: Happy New Years 2010!!!

Post by iliketobite on Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:25 pm

Lol Kat. I'm sure you didn't make your coworker walk you home but he volunteered and secretly wanted to ;P

Mine was uneventful, haha. So if you don't want to get bored, don't read this!

I worked 12-10 on New Years eve, then I went home and stayed up to watch the ball drop (I just cuddled in my blanket until it was 11:55 then went outside to watch the ball drop), which was a big disappointment. I was expecting the ball to visibly drop, so I was kind of BS when I didn't see no ball drop. My sister said it started dropping slowly since 10pm -__- so it was really gradual. Sigh. So I just went to sleep.

Then I worked 9-5pm on New Years, and then I went out to dinner with a friend and got home around 8:20pm. And then I didn't do anything.

I haven't made my New Year's resolutions yet.. do you have to make them by New Year?! Hm in that case I guess I'll do it now:

1. Do well in school
2. Do better at work (Wag)
3. Be good at my new work (hospital)
4. Take care of my mom and make her happy
5. Make more time for my niece and nephew
6. Make more time for my friends
7. Take better care of my health
8. Have more hobbies.. lol

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post Re: Happy New Years 2010!!!

Post by waveshell on Fri Jan 01, 2010 10:35 pm

yay happy new year!

my night turned out to be better than I expected.. I was saying how all my friends were planning to get drunk on new year's eve so I'm kinda left alone.

I went to see the 9pm firework by myself =( I managed to get inside circular quay with a fake cruise boarding pass lol, and I tailed along a crazy woman who pushed her way into the million people, so I got a pretty good spot for photos.

sadly I couldn't handle the human odours in this hot summer anymore so I headed back home after the firework and rewarded myself a 'hot dog on a stick'. That's when Pavan called and wanted to meet up (he was going to a boy's party to get drunk). So yeah, unexpectedly, I spent new year's eve with him, and watched midnight fireworks with him on the harbour bridge!

In the new year, I will live more life and enjoy each day like it should be enjoyed. Career wise, I'm looking to have have my next step up this year, my goal is to get in P&O Cruises. Relationship wise, I think it's time for me to sit back and let whatever happen happens.

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post Re: Happy New Years 2010!!!

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