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[Guide] Installing Skype for Mac OS

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post [Guide] Installing Skype for Mac OS

Post by krzyasian on Fri May 01, 2009 12:23 pm

I deleted my Skype and reseted my Safari information (history, cache etc) so I could give an accurate account of how to download Skype on the Mac OS (specifically Mac OS 10.4) from scratch.

1) Go to the skype website (
2) On the right, there should be a link that says Download Skype. It's in a green rectangle. [2]
3) This window appears. The application should automatically start downloading in the download window. [3]
To View the Download Window - Make sure that the browser you are using is the one that is active so that the toolbar on top appears.
Safari: Click Windows ---> Downloads
Firefox: Click Tools ---> Downloads

4) A window should appear to confirm finishing downloading. Hit continue. [4]
5) After confirming, another window pops up.
5a) Drag the Skype icon to the Application Icon. This is the way to put the Skype program into your applications folder. [5a]
5b) Wait for it to transfer. [5b]
6) It is now in your applications folder. Yay. [6]
7) To open the program, double click the Skype icon.
7a) Agree to the terms and conditions by hitting Accept. [7a]
7b) Sign in to start your session. [7b]
If you don't have a username yet or would like to create a new one, click "Don't Have a Skype Name?"

To add your friends (example used here will be aqaeshey aka Shelly).
Contact ---> Add a Contact ---> Enter Contact's Name ---> Hit Search ---> Click the founded name ---> Hit Add Contact ---> Hit Okay.

Now you have to wait for their confirmation as a friend.

** If you still need help, PM me for AIM username for direct contact.

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post Re: [Guide] Installing Skype for Mac OS

Post by Oblada on Fri May 01, 2009 2:52 pm

Thank, Kat.

Now you Mac uses have no excuse not to download Skype!

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